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no foobar2000? :P

Great animation. Funny as hell puns.


Not PERFECT animation, but way impressive. So scary. I'll never look at gingerbread the same way again.

it's about time!

I can't wait for this technicaly impressive thrill ride. I do hope you get some non freeplay music for it though. ;D

Looks amazing!

i've seen this story before somewhere

well executed i'd say, but I think if you were going to take this existing story, you should have given it a new twist or something. Idk how, but that would have made it a little better. keep it up!

amazing vision

Everything was top knotch. But I was wondering the whole time, why do I care about robots if the earth is out of water?

This is amazing though. Best flash I've seen here in years.

how the clock crew has grown

well damnit cc. I'm glad that such a unique concept has been able to grow into such a creative outlet, beyond B. I cant say I didn't see the end comming, but it couldn't have ended anyother way.

good mouth flapps

that dog was fucking hot

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good song

decent animation to song. solid lines and what not, but it looked like you lost some steam there at the end. keep up the great work though.

smiled, not laugh.

you DO know what confabulation means dont you?

Because that movie had nothing to do with the word confabulation, other then it was silly. some very sweet stuff over shadowed by some jerky and almost underdone moments.

Alienslushie responds:

If I don't understand what the word means you could of at least taken the liberty of explaining it...

if i didnt know madness

i'd say there were some religious overtones...shit I guess I should have see that sooner.

Simply pimpin dude. pure awesome..execpt for the song choice. BUT THAT'S JUST ME. I've never liked that kind of music, but It fit well I guess. :)

I hope you get drafted

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