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why do you need sop much space?

Great idea, executed well enough to get the point acress, but do you need all of that space? Why not mix and match different octaves?

#1 in my book.

this is my number one game ever.

it is the very best.

Portal done right.

Excellent attention to graphic detail, but there are a few small bugs contact wise, but over all, this is an amazing mind-bender of a game.

really hard

and also i would move around alot and than my cross hairs would get sticky. and it ended up killing me. i clicked out side the window, hit the 18+ button and I was off...o well anyway very fun. make a new version w/ more wepons and a wider screen my character was blocking my vew a bit
gj though
o and do you know where i can learn to acton scrypt coad for say a war game?


turd? no...that waz fucking funny...so if you dont like it you can beat off
the animation wuznt bad eather
but it didnt finnish =( meh...make more!=D

i got 1...

w/ no vowles... and i really suck at this game...
extreamly well made
u make the loops?
they r really good
keep it up

mario u r stupid ok...

it may be a rip off but that does not mean you get to tell them off...w/e
fucking hard game.....but way to kool
and mario this is mr or less along the lines iof magaman...w/e this is the shizz
ps. (word)

its waaaaayyy better!

1)very hard
2)make more regular shots
3) slightly less energy usage and slightly faster regeneration
gj though

holy hell dude!

that waz too fukin cool man! the grafix, every thing, well exept 1 thing(and i can understand y) but this didnt FEEL like a sonic game ya know? maby the fps or somthing.
but still

wa to fukin kool man!


i'm in n-v
i made rifts of all of em and i wanted to know if u could splice them...meh...here they r:
drums :3---4-5-3---3---222230--3---72---3---5-72---4-3---3---9314 35-70---3---4-4451---3-9-5---------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------

git-r 1 :---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------7-6-8---8---1---9---4---7-a---7-b 1--0--1--21202---6-7-5-7-8-7-3-0---981---7-7-7-08--b-------- ------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------

git-r 2 :---------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------a---8-7- 9-1---1---0---9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-11230---1---778-8-7-0---a-4-7- 2-2-1---7-8-8a---

hope yall like 'em!

I hope you get drafted

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